Apple unveils new MacBook Air with “Magic Keyboard”

As someone who suffered from Apple’s unmagical keyboards in the past, the new scissor-switch keyboard on the just unveiled MacBook Air is cold comfort. This new keyboard, which comes attached to a high-end laptop that starts at $999, should be considerably more repairable.

The MacBook features all of the bells and whistles.

The incredibly thin and light MacBook Air is now more powerful than ever. It features a brilliant Retina display, new Magic Keyboard, Touch ID, processors with up to twice the performance, faster graphics, and double the storage capacity. The sleek wedge-shaped design is created from 100 percent recycled aluminum, making it the greenest Mac ever. And with all-day battery life, our most popular Mac is your perfectly portable, do-it-all notebook.

The keyboard uses scissor-style connectors and a little rubber nubbin to ensure the keys have solid travel. This means the key caps can be removed and replaced, just as they were in previous versions. The MacBook Pro keyboard eschewed these connectors and instead literally glued the keys to the keyboard, ensuring that any damage to one key would make the entire keyboard useless.

So good for you, Apple, for making a new Air. But you suck for not fixing the keyboard sooner.

John Biggs

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