Heineken Brazil and Lepub craft gaming PC with built-in fridge

In a unique fusion of technology and refreshment, Heineken’s Brazil group and Publicis Groupe’s LePub Brazil have engineered a gaming PC that also serves as a fridge for cooling beverages. This innovative device, christened “TH3 G4M1NG FR1DG3” — a playful reference to the alphanumeric language often used by the online gaming community, is part of Heineken’s campaign “Not All Nights Out are Out”, targeting gamers. Heineken’s strategy is to appeal to PC modders, a niche community of gamers who prefer to customize their gaming rigs rather than opting for pre-assembled products. This move is a leap beyond traditional advertising, delving into the intricate world of PC hardware, where gamers meticulously assemble their machines piece by piece, often with high-end components that require a significant degree of technical expertise.

The campaign was inspired by the observation that many of these enthusiasts, known as “modders,” were already integrating beer fridges into their custom-built PCs. The campaign underscores the idea that indoor hobbies like gaming can also be a platform for socializing and enjoying a Heineken. Andrey Tyukavkin, executive creative director of LeGarage and the lead engineer on the project, expressed the intention to connect with PC gamers, a segment often overlooked by brands. He highlighted the culture of ‘modders’ who not only modify their machines but also share their unique designs and specifications within their community. “TH3 G4M1NG FR1DG3” ingeniously leverages the need for cooling systems in PCs to prevent overheating.

LeGarage designed a custom cooling system that can maintain a lower temperature and applied forced air circulation to avoid condensation that could harm the hardware. The fridge is specifically designed for Heineken 0.0, a non-alcoholic variant that is becoming increasingly popular at gaming events. To raise awareness for its hybrid invention, Heineken is collaborating with Gaules, Brazil’s top Twitch streamer, who will host a giveaway for his 4 million followers.

The device will also be showcased during a “League of Legends” competition in Brazil and on the revamped Twitch show “Aprovado”. The winning team of Brazil’s largest “League of Legends” competition will be awarded “TH3 G4M1NG FR1DG3”. This innovative product and the “Not All Nights Out are Out” campaign align with Heineken’s strategy to stimulate growth in Brazil, one of its largest markets. Earlier this year, the European brewer invested $300 million in the region to expand its premium and single-malt beer offerings.

While Heineken’s PC-fridge hybrid is a sophisticated piece of technology, it’s not the first attempt to merge gaming hardware with unconventional features. In 2021, KFC released a gaming console, the KFConsole, equipped with a built-in “chicken chamber” for keeping food warm.

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