Put your marbles on the run with the Makeway

And now, as Monty Python used to say, it’s time for something completely different. At some point in your life, you’ve probably played with a marble run. Perhaps it was the Nintendo game, or those simple wooden blocks. Or maybe even some plastic tower contraption (which is what my kids have in the basement). Well, something that you can stick onto a metal surface elevates things – and that’s what the MakeWay is offering.

Obviously, with a magnetic build premise, you’re literally elevating things, as you’re sticking it onto something – say, the side of a file cabinet, or the fridge. This leads to the second meaning here – by getting this up and off the floor, things are lot less cluttered once you’ve built out your marble run. Finally, the components and piece variety here makes this look like a decidedly more sophisticated take on the marble runs of your youth.

In the campaign, Makeway is positioned as a fun thing for the office, but that just seems like it would be annoying (though, perhaps not as noisily annoying as the foosball table I can hear right now). At home, though, this is where I see this shining. Kids love playing with marble runs, and this looks like a set that even the adults in the house would get a kick out of playing with.

The Makeway starts at $49 for the basic set, and tops out at $299 for the full set of all the pieces, including a motorized lift (multiples, actually). The campaign is running through April 16th, 2020 with delivery estimated for September 2020. The funding levels are there (it’s literally 100x it’s funding goal) so hopefully this is one that we see come to fruition. campaign page

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