The nect Modem is as mobile as you are

Not that many of us are actually working on the road or on commutes these days, it’s still something worth thinking about. Once you get going, and you have a need for internet on the go, how are doing that? Tethering to your phone? Open WiFi hotspots? Carrier-specific dongles? Why not something that allows allow of that, with carrier flexibility? That’s what the nect modem is offering.

Now, any sort of cell-based modem or mobile hotspot is not anything new. I know I had one for a little while (at least until that prepaid carrier closed up shop), and no doubt you’ve used one, or seen them in use. Many times, those are very specifically locked to a specific provider. And if your travel patterns stay in that coverage, well, all the better. What the nect modem gives you is two ways to connect to a network – via eSIM capability (so you buy your service direct from nect) or via the nano SIM slot, so you can buy access from any carrier you want, anywhere around the world.

So, you’re jaunting around your commute, trotting the globe, or maybe even just back at your place after a trip. Time to put the nect modem away? Not necessarily! It’s not just a modem for your laptop – it’s also a WiFi hotspot itself, and you can connect up to 10 devices to it, so you can do just about whatever you want (playing games, watching movies, Zoom calls, etc) provided the service you’re paying for has enough bandwidth.

Now, you might be wondering, how long the battery life is on the next modem, especially if you’re going to be using it for so many things. The marketing on the Indiegogo page calls it “unlimited” but that’s sleight-of-hand. It works by being plugged into your laptop and then mounting onto a magnetic sticker on the laptop lid – so it’s always there, always powered, and out of the way.

The nect modem looks like a clever idea, particularly with how it’s carrier-agnostic. Lots of other folks agree, as the campaign for it is fully funded (and then some). While the $99 tier for a single device is sold out, you can get two for $199 or 6 for $455. The campaign itself wraps up on the 29th, with delivery anticipated for July 2020. campaign page

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