AirParrot 3 streams Mac and Windows to… well, everything.

If you’ve ever used Chromecast to mirror Chrome, or AirPlay to mirror an iOS or Mac device to AppleTV, you know what AirParrot is for. AirParrot casts your Windows or Mac computer to a big screen or other computer, using one of these receiver devices. What’s new in AirParrot 3?

AirParrot sends to multiple devices: AppleTV, Chromecast, and even other computers or phones running the Reflector application.

You can control your computer using the iOS AirParrot Remote app. That means not using the keyboard or mouse and being able to control playlists, live previews and remote control of your computer.

And that would be good enough, if all you needed to do was display a screen or share a presentation. But it’s also got a load of codecs built in, so you can stream media?files in 5.1 surround sound without quality loss. Create the ultimate entertainment solution and add unlimited content to any TV.

You can mirror, stream, or even extend to multiple displays and use them as expanded desktops. AirParrot claims with AirParrot 3 that they can stream to an unlimited number of devices.

It’s hard to argue with the features. You can mirror, stream, or expand to multiple desktops. You can control it with your phone. And you can even stream just one app instead of the whole desktop.

What’s really cool is, a license for AirParrot 3 is $15.99 USD, and you can try it out for free. Check it out at

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