Yeah, sorry, you’re going to have to upgrade your MacBook Pro this year

I’ve been quite down on Apple laptops for the past few years, mostly because not much has changed since the TouchBar MBP. Even the latest M1 MBP maxed out at 8GB of unified memory, resulting in a machine that’s delightfully powerful but unfortunately blows up when you open a few too many Safari tabs. It’s like a racecar that stalls out when you’re taking turns. The straightaways are great, but watch out if you need to go fast all the time.

Now that the M1 Pro and M1 Max have hit the Apple Store, I think this will be an upgrade year. Everything about this laptop is monstrous. It has everything you’d expect from an older MBP, including a Magsafe port, SD card port, and two USB-C ports. Hell, it even has a headphone jack and an HDMI port.

These things are light, too. Weighing in 4.7 lbs on 16″ and 3.5 lbs on the 14”, you’re basically carrying a high-powered supercomputer in your bag.

So here’s the problem: this is a major upgrade. If you bought an M1 MBP in 2020, this is probably the week you need to sell that thing. This upgrade is so all-encompassing that it’s not even a question. While the crew hasn’t told us the price on these things, it’s clear you’ll be paying about $2,000 or more for this beast and it should last for at least a few more years. That said, the original M1 is probably going to look like a dog next to this one. Sometimes Apple is iterative and sometimes they’re evolutionary.

This time they’re evolutionary. And it’s probably going to hurt our wallets.

John Biggs

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