zipOns, a full-zip comfortable pair of pants: Review

zipOns pants

zipOns (lower case Z) by beFree are a pair of full-zip pants (trousers) that are made of soft, stretchy fabric. The key detail here is, full-zip. There are two zippers that run the length of the sides of each leg. This makes it possible to remove them, or put them on, while seated, or just while dealing with mobility issues. Allow me to explain…

zipOns pants

There are a number of reasons why you’d want full-zip removable pants. Firstly, they’re comfortable. They’re extremely comfortable. They come in sizes for youth and adult, and in lightweight and heavyweight material. The heavyweight is for colder weather. They also measure by leg length, with sizes for Large/Tall, and XL/Short, to accommodate people of different shapes and sizes.

zipOns pants

Imagine something as simple as having to wear a boot to brace an ankle and foot. They’re bulky. they’re big. No pair of pants fits around them nicely, so you end up wearing the boot over the pant leg, and it’s just annoying. The beFree zipOns allows you to unzip the leg, and it’s just a nicer feel.

But if you have an impairment like cerebral palsy, just putting on pants can be difficult. In the past, there were pants that had snaps up the side, but snaps require aligning them and squeezing force to close. Zippers are just better.

And do you like pockets? the adult pants have excellent deep front pockets. Honestly, they’re just comfortable as hell. I normally feel like athletic soft poly pants, like warmup pants, make me feel uncomfortable – too tight, too loose, too thin, or some combination. But these? These are excellent loungewear, and work for typically abled people as well as differently abled people.

zipOns pants

The zipOns by befree are intended for caregivers, people with disabilities, medical conditions, and people recovering from surgeries or accidents. zipOns are available for children in navy blue or black with matching navy or black zippers or accent zippers in red, purple, or black. Adult zipOns are available in three options – navy with a navy zipper, black with a black zipper or black with a purple zipper. The zippers are covered in the interior with a full-length flange and a zipper garage at the waist, preventing contact and ensuring maximum comfort.

If you want the most comfortable pants, and can benefit from zippers down the sides, youth zipOns are $39.99, and adult sizes are $54.99 at

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