In Review: Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

I’m all about a good pair of outdoors-oriented pants. This is because they often can very easily pull double-duty as travel pants. They tend to be lighter weight, have some stretch and flex to them, and have some handy pockets to keep things organized. One such pair that I put to that secondary test are the Livsn Flex Canvas Pants.

Now, a quick note – often we’ll use our own photos, but for this review, we’re using the images directly from Livsn. Rest assured, I do have these pants here, and have been putting them to the test. What drew me to the Livsn Flex Canvas Pants is the construction that they’ve used. It starts with an 8 oz canvas that walks the line between being lightweight (so you don’t get overheated) and having a material that can actually stand up to you, you know, doing things while wearing them, all while giving you a little bit of stretch. With that fabric, then, they’ve got gussets in the crotch for ease of movement, articulated knees to keep you mobile, and a reinforced rear cuff so, even if the pants drag, they’ll hold up.

Specifically for folks using these for outdoors adventures (which I plan to once we start camping again this year), you’ve got two dedicated pockets on the thighs (one on each) that are perfect for holding a pocket knife. You’ve also got sewn-on buttons (and a fabric strap) on each leg, so you can roll up the pants and pin the cuff in place. That strap that holds things is reflective, so you can also have these do double-duty as cycle commute pants.

In the pockets of the Livsn Flex Canvas Pants, you’ll find that you’ve got mesh, which helps with some airflow – good for however, and wherever, you’re wearing these pants. With the pockets, you’ll find that both rear pockets can be closed with a zipper, as well as a second “hidden” pocket in the left hip pocket. That’s a great place to tuck away something you’re worried about falling out, like a wallet or your lip balm. Or, you know, just to keep things organized a bit.

For me, I’ve been wearing the Livsn Flex Canvas Pants around the house. We also had a quick trip down to Florida at the end of the year, and these were my go-to airport pants. They were heavy enough so I didn’t feel frozen up here in Chicago, but not so heavy that I was sweaty at the airport or in Florida. Being able to zip things into pockets help keep everything secure, and the pants themselves, with all the articulation and the stretch, meant that I stayed comfortable. Well, as comfortable as an economy-class seat is these days.

Coming in at $119, the Livsn Flex Canvas Pants are going to be more expensive than whatever pair of jeans or khakis you might be thinking of picking up at the local big box or department store. That said, these are a lot more thoughtfully designed for being active in and, quite likely, living in for days at a time as you adventure along. So far, these have been holding up quite well (did have to resew one button on the leg, but that’s it) and look just as good as the day they came in the mail. So, if you’re looking for travel and outdoor pants that offer a lot of versatility, without looking like baggy cargo pants, the Livsn Flex Canvas Pants are a good pair to check out. Best part, they’re in four colors, three inseam lengths, and a whole range of waist sizes.

Details from Livsn

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  1. True the Flex Canvas Pants are not cargo pants, but they are quite roomy in the butt and thigh – an athletic cut. I have a thin build, so they are baggy on me.

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