SouthNorte Canned Cocktails: Afternoon Beverage

SouthNorte Canned Cocktails

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere – which means it’s time to explore some beverages to close out the work week. While SouthNorte has been making beer for a bit now, they’ve more recently expanded into canned cocktails. As a result, we got to try out a mix of their offerings.

Why SouthNorte Canned Cocktails? While you might have your own favorite way to mix something up, canned cocktails negate the need for the ingredients being gathered and hardware being put to use. Additionally, they’ll fit in a cooler for the picnic or campsite a lot easier, as well. For theirs, SouthNorte opted for tequila as the alcohol used, rather than the more common (at least in, say, a hard seltzer) vodka – so you’re starting from a much different flavor profile.

SouthNorte Canned Cocktails

Here are the flavors we tested out:

  • Paloma: this has a very grapefruit-forward nose. For the the taste, it’s very citrusy and woody, and overall is quite smooth and mild
  • Mexican mule (my personal favorite of the bunch): a very mild nose, and a strong lime taste up front. After that, you get a sharper note in the taste from the ginger used
  • Matador: this is the one for those who prefer fruity drinks. It has a very pineapple-forward nose, and has a very tropical fruit taste to it
  • Margarita: this one smells, and tastes like (wait for it) a margarita; overall, a touch more sour than the other options
SouthNorte Canned Cocktails

In short, if you like these drinks on their own, you’ll be quite pleased with these. At 7% ABV, you do want to tread carefully. Still, for those warm nights out in the backyard, it couldn’t be simpler than to crack one of these open and relax, and get a break from your regular beer or hard seltzer.

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