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One thing you don’t often stop to think about is a small, portable pump. Sure, you’ve probably got something in your car that can handle the tires, but what about something that’s going to quickly fill up the floating toys for the kids at the beach, or even push some air into that bouncing horse toy? Sure, you can do that just by blowing air in, but a pump like the Giga Pump 4.0 makes life a lot easier.

What is it?

Well, it’s an evolution of the prior designs (you’ll recall we reviewed v2 right here). The overall shape has changed a bit, and the way air flows in and out has been redesigned. This might sound like a small thing, but it makes deflating something a lot simpler. And for inflation? I’ll let my kids’ words speak for it. After a beach outing, they came back and said “Dad! This pump filled up the floaties super duper fast!” And I’ll attest, it does work very quickly.

How do you use it?

This another improvement that the Giga Pump 4.0 has brought along. Rather than a single button mounted in the middle of the lighting, you’ve got two buttons – one that engages the pump (in two speeds), and another to handle the light (three different brightness). These keep the operations clear, and there’s no accidental engagement here. With things off, you have to double-press the button to get it to turn on, and then it’s single presses to cycle through the intensity until it turns off. It’s also worth noting you cannot have the pump and the light on at the same time. So, if you’re filling a beach ball at night, you’ll need another lighting solution.

Giga Pump 4.0

What other improvements are there?

For one, the Giga Pump 4.0 has a small metal loop on the back of it, which allows you to easily hang the pump up. This is handy for putting it up to light an area, or even to hang it up on a loop at your toolbench. Secondly, they’ve integrated a cover for the USB-C charging port, which is always appreciated for a device intended to be used around sand and water. Past that, if you’ve used a prior Giga Pump, the Giga Pump 4.0 is going to be quite familiar, including the range of attachments they provide.

Giga Pump 4.0

Would we recommend it?

In a word, yes. The Giga Pump 4.0 actually performs as well as is advertised, the ultra compact nature of it makes it easy to always have with you on trips to the beach. Even in the carry bag – with all of the attachments – it’s not an overly large carry. Yes, it does cost $37.99 (over on Amazon), but it’s well worth it to not have to blow up a multitude of floaties and toys by yourself. If you’ve got kids and spend time around water, this will be a happy addition to your gear.

Details from Aerogogo

  • Compact and Portable & Mini Size- The GIGA PUMP 4.0 is a compact powerhouse, measuring 1.97″ x 1.89″ x 2.38″ and weighing only 3.5 oz. Lighter than a salt shaker, it reduces the weight of your backpacking gear, allowing you to explore further and capture stunning scenery.One-button operation, widely used for outdoor camping, hiking, beach, and indoor storage bags. (NOTE: Double click to start the air pump.)
  • Powerful Electric Air Pump: Its unique internal structure optimizes airflow ducts, resulting in a compact yet high-performance pump. With a motor speed of 50,000RPM, it delivers up to 4.2 kPa (0.6 PSI) air pressure and an impressive 220 L/min airflow.
  • Camping Lantern: A camping lantern is another indispensable function of GIGA PUMP 4.0. There are eight LED lamp beads at the bottom of the GIGA PUMP 4.0. 3 levels of brightness adjustable. Simply press the button to adjust the brightness in different environments according to your needs. Lighting time lasts up to 35 hours.
  • The Best Camping Partner: IPX4 splash-proof and drop resistant. GIGA PUMP 4.0 is safe to be used in complex outdoor environments. Adopt the latest Type-C charging technology. There is an indicator light on the charging port. The light turns red when the battery is lower than 10% to remind you to charge.
  • 5 NOZZLES: It comes with 5 different nozzles to fit most air mattresses, inflatable pool floats, swimming rings, yoga ball and kid’s toys. 1 nozzle for vacuum bag to save you more than 50% of space.Nozzles made of solid ABS material and great sealing technology, this rechargeable air pump is sturdy, well-sealed and durable.

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