What happens when an AI writes a text adventure game?

The path forks. The bike is now on. What should you do next? If you’re confused then welcome to the brave new world of AI text adventure games.

These early games games were great fun now, thanks to modern machine learning, we can find out what happens when an AI tries to create its own. The results are unintentionally hilarious.

A clever hack by developer Nathan Whitmore lets you play a text adventure game based on historic games like Zork and Adventure. The AI uses parts of the original games but, instead of making sense, the AI has created a strange world of smiling horses and weird trolls.

To play it you should load this page in Chrome and run the code. The system creates a server that runs the AI core and then you can view the results in another window. It lets you do the traditional text adventure stuff – “TURN EAST,” “TAKE SWORD” – but since the AI doesn’t quite know what games are like the results are pretty silly but definitely fun.

John Biggs

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