You likely know Wyrmwood for their dice accessories – now they’re making dice!

Earlier this week, we told you about a dice vault Kickstarter program that I felt was pretty clever. When I was writing that up, the company I had in the back of my mind was Wyrmwood, as they’ve gotten stuck there as supporters of some of my favorite real-play DnD podcasts. Well, now they’ve branched out from creating dice trays and vaults, to making actual dice.

Not content with just getting your standard resin sets made and slapping them in boxes, Wyrmwood has done a mess of things that are pretty interesting. For one, they’ve created some that are considered “high variance”. Rather than the normal distribution of numbers, they’ve adjusted what’s on the faces. While the average remains the same, you have a much greater chance of abject failure, or critical success. This video explains it:

Wyrmwood has also done some clever things with materials. Yes, they’ve got resin dice (the standard classic for all gamers starting out) and of course they have wood, which makes sense given their product line has featured wood. But then they’ve gotten into things like marble, gemstones, and even glass! I can’t possibly run down all of the combinations and pricing, but this image gives you a quick idea, and the gallery down below shows even more.

Oh, and it’s also worth noting, they also have a very special – and very massive – tungsten D20. I think rolling that sucker, you’ll definitely want a dice tray to catch it, or your table is going to get destroyed…

Along with all of this, Wyrmwood has also designed some special vaults to hold very specific sets of dice, designed by folks from the company as well as from some people out there in the world of DnD that you’ll recognize (for that full rundown, check out the campaign page). As far as pricing goes, it gets a little complex bec fause of materials and what add-ons you may want. You can get in on the third wave for $5 (which basically reserves your spot, you’re still paying for the actual dice) or you can go simple, and get a set of wooden dice for $26. Oh, and should you want that Tungsten D20? Be ready to trade $1500 for that knuckle buster.

The campaign is fully funded at this point, and is running until May 14th. And given you’ve got the Wyrmwood name and reputation attached, this seems less risky to back. Just be patient, as some of these waves are stretching almost a year out from now. You can check out all the details – and get your pledge in – at the campaign page.

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