Pelican wants to protect your new iPhone 11

In case you missed it, there was a small press conference earlier this week from a little-known tech company out on the west coast. Apple, you heard of them? Of course you have. And their annual phone releases are something I think the whole world is aware of. Well, with new phones come new cases. We mentioned one earlier this week in leather; but what about non-leather options. Did you know Pelican has some ready for the new phones?

You may know of Pelican for their hard cases that normally protect expensive audio and video gear, but did you know they also make stuff for phones? They also make a bunch of bags and flashlights, but that?s another story. Today, we?re talking about the four new iPhone cases they announced.

We’ve got all the spec rundowns (and links) down below, but let’s talk at a high level what they’re offering. First up is the Pelican Rogue, which looks sort of similar to a generic iPhone case. Basic single piece wraps around the phone, protects the delicate bits. Rather than silicone, however, it relies on rubber, and is available in three colors (though why anyone would not want the glow-in-the-dark version is beyond me). This one will run you $30 direct from Pelican or over at Amazon.

Next up, you’ve got the Pelican Mogul which, I’ll admit, probably is a lot better for a business setting than the glow-in-the-dark Rogue. This one starts with the rubber enclosure, and then wraps another layer of protection around things in the form of polycarbonate. This one runs for $40, again direct from Pelican or over at Amazon.

What’s that, you say you’re on the road a lot, and need even better protection? Well, friend, how about the $50 Pelican Traveler? This one has not one, not two, but three layers of protection for you, and a stitching-like pattern around the edges to give you some extra grip. Again, available direct or on Amazon.

Finally, we’ve got the case that I think a lot of people will be interested in – the Pelican Protector EMS. This starts with a great case to protect your phone that has an integrated magnetic mount (to hold it on your car vent, say). Then, it goes a step further and bundles in a magnetic battery that will juice up your phone via Qi (sort of like this case we talked about the other week). Not only that, the battery pack itself features a USB port so you can charge something up via a wire as well. This one is easily the star of the show, as the asking price of $80 gets you the case and the easily detachable battery (charge when you need it, you know). Pricing looks like it might be a touch lower over on Amazon.

So, there you have it – my take on these new releases. I’ve put the bulleted spec list for each below; if you’ve got any specific questions on these, let me know, and we’ll get in touch with the brand and find out what’s what.

Pelican? Rogue Phone Case ($30)

  • Influenced by Pelican legacy protective cases, features?a?new waffle-style casing
  • This exclusive?construction absorbs, redirects and disperses the force of impact
  • Tested to Military specifications to survive multiple drops
  • The flexible yet impervious rubber won?t tear, pierce or scratch
  • Compatible with iPhone??11 Pro, iPhone??11, iPhone??11 Pro Max
  • Available in three colors: Glow in the Dark, Black and Taupe

Pelican? Mogul Phone Case ($40)

  • Designed for consumers looking for a rugged, elegant option features clean lines and super-solid construction
  • The new soft-touch overmold allows for a slim design that?s easy to hold and won?t slip off surfaces
  • Doubling down on its phone protection, this case uses a flexible rubber that goes back-to-back with protective polycarbonate to create double lines of defense against impacts, scratches and shatters
  • This updated look comes complete with military grade drop protection and shock absorption technology
  • Available for the iPhone? 11 Pro Max in a distinctive transparent purple/silver

Pelican? Traveler Phone Case ($50)

  • Refined lightweight, streamlined design
  • Features reinforced three-layer construction and a flexible interior bumper that absorbs the force of impact
  • The fortified polycarbonate and material shell protects phone from damage
  • Distinctive, enhanced Grip Stitching around every edge ensures a comfortable hold
  • Compatible with the iPhone??11 Pro, iPhone??11, iPhone??11 Pro Max
  • Available in Black and Taupe

Pelican? Protector EMS [Easy Mount System] Recharge Phone Case ($80)

  • This great value add includes the top selling rugged Pelican? Protector Phone Case with an integrated Auto Mount System and a detachable magnetic battery to provide on the go wireless charging.
  • Using the wireless Qi? ? certified charging technology, the Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Phone Case provides secure and consistent hands-free wireless charging.
  • For added convenience, it also features an additional USB port for charging of other non-wireless charging devices.
  • Created with technology once reserved for first responders and extreme-enthusiasts around the globe, the Pelican Protector EMS Recharge Phone Case features a rigid, impact-resistant outer shell combined with a shock-absorbing rubber lining for the most extreme drops.
  • It provides military-spec protection and will easily take on stairs, sidewalks, and everywhere else a phone may accidentally tumble.
  • Available for the iPhone??11 Pro, iPhone??11, iPhone??11 Pro Max
  • Available in Black/Black
  • In addition to this new model, Pelican introduced the?Pelican??Protector EMS?Wireless Charging Vent Mount and?Pelican??Protector EMS Vent Mount.

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