Need help bolstering your session prep? Roll & Play can help!

It may seem like I’m putting up a lot of DnD / TTRPG stuff as of late, but it’s because I’ve been finding just a lot of great content out there. Not only that, these are great resources for a game that lends itself very, very well to being played with everyone remote from each other. One of the latest, that’s specifically for helping DMs with their prep, is Roll & Play.

Now, it can be hilarious when you’re listening to a real-play podcast and the players press their DM for more information on some character or feature that was meant to be, basically, background filler at best. Then again, some of the best, most free-form creative stuff can come from that. As a DM, though, that can move the phasers to “full-on panic”. That’s where Roll & Play comes in, with a variety of random tables that you can use to help fill in the details. What sort of tables? Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Chapter 1: People?(NPC names, NPC defining features/flaws, Tattoo generator, Travelling merchants and wares, Mysterious allies and motives, Bard songs, Instruments and band names, Fiendish contracts, Lingering injuries, Resurrection side effects + more)
  • Chapter 2: Items?(Chest fillers, Quest rewards, Magical item generators, Single-use magic items, Magical drawbacks, Trinkets, Unlabelled potion reactions, Misfiring magic scrolls, Picked pocket loot, Body looting, Art pieces + more)
  • Chapter 3: Encounters?(Critical hit and miss results, Arctic encounters, Coastal encounters, Desert encounters, Forest encounters, Mountain encounters, Swamp encounters, Cave encounters, Underwater encounters, Traps, Door mechanisms, Monster motives, Monster origins, Unusual plants + more)
  • Chapter 4: World Building?(Quest ideas, Tavern generators, Festival generators, Shop generators, Local attractions, Street rumours, Bounty posters, Books names/authors, Dream/Nightmare generators, Blessings, Curses, Diseases, Hauntings + more)

There’s also some additional stuff that came into play because of the campaign absolutely smashing it’s funding goals. You can get in at the digital level for about $12, or get a spiral-bound hard-copy for around $18 (plus shipping, as this is coming out of the UK). It seems like a very solid resource, just be patient, as it’s not expected to ship until December. campaign page

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