Dragons and dice and dungeons! It’s Wyrmling Dice!

See, I told you yesterday that it’s a great time for dice collectors of all stripes. Yesterday we talked about a cool resin dice set. What if you want something that’s heavier? That’s metal! And if you want a more-compact metal set, then this campaign for the Wrymling Dice is what you need to look at.

As with yesterday’s post, these are math rocks in the standard configuration – a d4, d6, d8, two d10s, a d12, and a d20. They come in a couple of different metal finishes, and then there are whole range of mixed colors, which are due to the fact that these are (apparently) hand-painted, so you get some interesting combos.

I find myself drawn to the black, white, and silver dragon variants, but there are plenty of more colorful options should you feel drawn in that direction. Dice sets start at $21 (plus another $6 for shipping), which isn’t bad for hand-painted metal dice. The campaign is sitting at about 41% funded, with things closing out on April 9, 2020, with delivery going about a year out. One thing to consider – you’ll probably want to make some sort of foam core separators (if you don’t have a dice vault already) as metal dice banging together will not only be noisy, it’ll chip that paint job. Still, there are plenty of great options out there to find in that area. campaign page

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