There’s minimal, and then there’s the Smallet

When it comes to your wallet, well, you probably don’t think too much about it other than making sure you’ve got your cards, and probably some cash. As part of something you carry every day, though, it’s worth giving it some thought, as it can really help you slim down what is in your pocket. To that end, the most minimal one I’ve seen to date (other than a rubber band or binder clip) is the Smallet.

I’ll say right up front – I’m a fan of front-pocket, minimalistic wallets. I’ve been carrying a Ridge Wallet (reviewed here) for almost two years after trying some other options before that, and haven’t looked back. These sorts of wallets will force you to think about what you’re carrying (ie, do you REALLY need all of those loyalty cards with you all the time?) and help slim it down that way.

Many minimal wallets are really just card holders, and really don’t give you a spot for cash (I started with a clip on my Ridge, and then switch it to the elastic band option). And if you’re totally cashless? Well, good for you, but I like having some folding money with me. Many minimal wallets these days follow the Ridge formula, with two plates (usually a metal or carbon fiber) held together with elastic bands or stretchy fabric. What if you could get rid of the plates?

That’s what Smallet has done. In many ways, it looks like an oversized rubber band. For all of that, though, there is some thought to the design. You’ve got two seperate and distinct spots for your cards and cash – three of them, actually, given how they’ve looped things. So, even though they’re stuck together, you can still have some organization going. Not only that, they’ve got a small pocket on one side that you could easily slide your house key into or a SIM card (or if you live in the old spy novels I read as a kid, some microfiche).

If you’re not convinced that a minimal carry wallet is for you, the Smallet is about the most affordable option that I’ve seen hitting the market that would let you try it out – early bird pricing starts at just $15 and they’ve got a variety of colors planned. The funding is off to a slower start, but things don’t wrap up until August 5th, so there’s time yet. And before that date hits, we’ve got plans to get a review unit in, so we can tell you what it’s like to use. In the meantime, you can see all the details at the campaign page.

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