In Review: RovyVon Angel Eyes E3 flashlight

Among the many useful tools you can carry with you regularly, a flashlight is always something good to have nearby. Maybe not in your pocket, but perhaps in a pocket of your work bag, or even just on the desk nearby. I’ve got some favorites, and one I’ve been playing with as of late is the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3.

We’re used to flashlights being round, as the barrel is where the batteries go in. That’s definitely not the case with the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3. So, why this rectangular body? This is to account for two different energy sources. The main one it defaults to is the AAA battery you pop in there, but there’s also an internal LiPo battery that charges via USB-C (an LED on the body indicates which source is being used). So, let’s talk about why you’d want two sources of power.

For me, I view it much like I viewed the second gas tank in the E350 I used to do deliveries in. By that, I mean that second tank was to extend range, but I always left a quarter tank in the first one so I could switch back should I run the secondary tank down. Here, with the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3, if you deplete your AAA battery, you’re not left in the dark – you’ve got that backup tank built right in, waiting to push electrons into the LEDs. Redundancy can be a thing of beauty.

So, you’ve got the unique power source in the aluminum body of the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3, and the shape of things means you’ve got dual LEDs – and you’ve got choice there. You can opt for two cool white LEDs, two warm white high-CRI LEDs, one warm + one cool, or one cool plus a red LED, which is what I opted for. Moonglow levels on a flashlight are helpful, but if you really want to keep that night vision, a red light is where it’s at.

All of this is managed through a single push button on the body of the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3, and after playing around with it some, I’ve gotten used to cycling through to get the light source I want, or even quadruple-clicking to lock/unlock the button (so no accidental light turning on in your bag). Figuring out a flashlight UI can be a little tricky just from text, so fortunately, RovyVon has put together a video to walk through it:

There is a lot to like about the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3 in my estimation (I’ll be testing it out camping this summer for sure), and it’s got one additional trick up it’s sleeve. The translucent ring that goes around where the head of the flashlight rotates from the body? That’s actually luminous, helping you to find your light in the dark. It’s not recharged by the light itself, so you’ll want it to be out in the sunlight during the day. It’s an interesting and relatively affordable option, coming in at $39.95 in a variety of colors and LED configurations directly from RovyVon or over at Amazon, albeit with less options to select your LED configuration.

Specs from RovyVon

  • Size: 66.1mm (L)*27.5mm (W)*13.5mm (H); Weight: 32g
  • Material: 6063 aluminum (E3), 7075 aluminum (E3 Pro)
  • Colors available: E3 – Black, Gunmetal, Green, Orange, and Aqua Blue; E3 Pro: Desert Tan
  • Water resistance: IPX7
  • For more details, please check the User manual and the Specifications.


  • From Off
    • Click >> Moonlight, click again >> turn off
    • Press and hold >> Momentary on (High), release >> turn off
    • Quad click >> Lock or Unlock
  • From On or Off
    • Rapid double click >> Memorized mode, click >> cycle through Low-Med-High
    • Rapid triple-click >> Strobe, click >> turn off
  • From on, press the button for 0.3s to turn off

UI for the 6500K COOL WHITE + RED

  • From off
    • Click >> Moonlight, click again >> change light source between cool white and warm white, press 0.3s >> turn off & memorize the last used light source.
    • Long press 0.3s >> turn on the Cool White LED from the memorized mode, click >> cycle through low-med-high, press 0.3s >> turn off & memorized the last-used mode
    • Rapid double click >> turn on the red from low mode, click >> cycle through low-high, press 0.3s >> turn off
    • When the red was turned on, rapid double >> switch to the Cool white med moe, click >> cycle through low-med-high, press 0.3s >> turn off
    • Quad click >> Lock or Unlock
  • From on/off
    • Rapid triple click >> turn on the red flash mode, click >> cycle through slow flash – fast flash, press 0.3s >> turn off and memorize the last used mode.

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