The OhSnap Minimalist Wallet: I’ve had the chance to evaluate and I must say, it’s quite impressive.

The OhSnap Minimalist Wallet: I’ve gone through six minimalist wallets over the past few years and none of them were any good. One I used for about 18 months consisted of two sheets of metal attached by a rubber strap (the strap eventually lost elasticity) and I recently tried a wallet that connected via Magsafe to the back of my phone (I couldn’t get my cards out.) I was about to go back to a traditional wallet when I received the OhSnap Snapwallet.

I couldn’t be happier.

OhSnap Minimalist Wallet: Price

The $58 wallet is actually part of a full set of add-ons, including a money clip and even a little bottle-opened/knife that you can use to open beers and boxes. I got the wallet alone and I’m surprisngly pleased.


The OhSnap Minimalist Wallet holds about four cards comfortably – they claim it can hold five but it definitely gets tight – and it has a little handle that ejects and fans your cards out for easy access. The corners are magnetic which means you can attach the add-on sections easily and it can even attach to your phone provided it has a magnetic back.

I’ve been carrying this thing for a few weeks now and I’ve never had an issue with all of my cards falling out – something that happened often even with standard wallets – and the little lever has made it easy to grab my cards without scraping or pulling – something that you can’t do with most single piece wallets.

I can’t comment on the add-on pieces of the OhSnap! line but if you’re looking for a super simple, super useful minimalist wallet, the OhSnap Minimalist Wallet is one of the best. Finding something you’d carry for longer than a few months is difficult these days. OhSnap has made a believer out of me.

Want 10%? They apparently have a rewards program so you can check out whatever coupon they give you here.

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