Logitech unleashes MX Master 3 for Mac and iPadOS, and MX Keys keyboards, too

Logitech, makers of keyboards and mice among other things, want you to know that they have a mouse and keyboard just for iPad and Mac users.

The mouse is based on the popular MX Master 3, but has firmware optimized for Mac and iPadOS, and is now available in Space Gray (formerly in light gray or black only).

Do you like keyboards?

The MX Keys keyboards are USB-C charging, and use Bluetooth for communication with the Mac or iPad. They have an interesting feature called Flow, which lets you control multiple Mac computers as your keyboard follows your Flow-enabled mouse from one Mac to another.

Logitech keyboards typically pair with 3 devices, so it is no surprise that Flow lets you control multiple computers on up to three devices. “Just move the cursor and start typing,” they say.

Do you like backlight? The keys are backlit, and light up as your hands approach the keyboard. They adjust based on ambient light, so you’ll have just the right amount of light under the spherically dished key caps.

MX keys is a full 101 style layout with inverted-T arrow keys and full number pad. The keyboard is built on a single metal plate, and finished in Space Gray to match your Mac or iPad.

What if you like smaller keyboards?

Logitech’s got you with the K380, finished in off-white or Rose color. It pairs with 3 devices, and switches between them with a tap. You can type, tap to change device, and keep on typing with almost no interruption.

K380 is a battery-based device. Batteries are included, something that will surprise most Gen Xers who grew up with batteries not included with anything. Battery life is a staggering 2 years, thanks to carefully implemented power management.

Rose, if you’re so inclined

Logitech K380 is a thin, light, portable keyboard that has an inverted-T arrow key layout, but no number pad.

What about that mouse?

The MX Master 3 for Mac mouse is very similar to the MX Master 3 that has been available for a while now. Differences are, it’s now available in Space Gray, and claims to have a firmware optimized for Mac and iPadOS.

It also has NextGen MagSpeed electromagnetic scroll wheel, where the MX Master 3 has a MagSpeed (non-NextGen) electromagnetic scroll wheel.

It has the same USB-C charging, with up to 70 days of battery on a single charge, and a full day of work on three minutes of charge. Suppose you don’t have time for a 3 minute charge?

Logitech has you covered. 1 minute of charge will last for 3 hours. This is the kind of miracle they used to make holidays about.

With the 4000 dpi Darkfield sensor, the mouse can be used on any surface and is “5x more precise than Logitech‘s basic mouse with the electromagnetic scroll wheel.” It’s difficult to tell you exactly which mouse that Logitech is referring to when they say this, because Logitech’s site doesn’t lay out which mice use which scrolling technology.

Backlight, baby!

The MX Master 3 for Mac is enabled for Flow, so you can use it to point between as many as 3 Macs and type on the screen where the mouse pointer is.

You can also use the gesture button on the mouse to open Mission Control and switch between full screen windows, similar to the 3 finger swipe up/down gesture on Mac.

Logitech positions it as, “Seamlessly control multiple Mac computers with your Flow-enabled MX Master 3 for Mac, effortlessly transfer text, images and files between them at the press of a button.”

That’s right. It’s not just typing, it’s also the ability to copy and paste or move images and files between computers.

Is Logitech Flow a KVM experience?

What’s super interesting about this is, formerly, you’d have to have a KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) switch to type and mouse on multiple computers, and file transfer would still be done via networking. This is similar to a KVM experience, with more displays required, and fewer difficulties with file transfer.

What’s this all cost?

The MX Master 3 for Mac is going to run you $99.99, just like the previous MX Master 3. The K380 is $39.99, and the MX Keys for Mac is $99.99. If you want to upgrade, they’ll be at Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com, and Logitech.com.

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