Keep it compact with the Logitech K380

When it comes to keyboards, mechanical keyboards tend to get all of the attention and love. And sure, I can’t fault anyone for that. I mean, the tactile feel of a mechanical is certainly sublime. However, if you want something that’s quieter, has a similar feel to your laptop keyboard, or just want something more affordable, that’s right where the Logitech K380 can fit in.

Now, to be fair, I’ve not actually handled a Logitech K380, so I can’t say as to how well it performs in the real world. Then again, those sites that have done real hands-on reviews seem to like them, and my own experience with Logitech products has certainly been positive. So, what is it that the Logitech K380 has going for it?

First and foremost, it relies on bluetooth to connect (rather than the more-proprietary Unified Receiver) which means it can connect to all manner of devices (full list in the tech specs below); in your own setup you can connect three devices – say, a laptop, phone, and tablet. In other words, it makes for a pretty versatile setup, working for what you need. While in theory the regular Logitech K380 would connect into your Mac and Apple devices, there is an Apple-specific one that has the appropriately labelled (and mapped) keys for your Apple device.

Regardless of the main OS you’re connecting into, the great part about the Logitech K380 is that it comes in at $39.99 which is downright affordable given the flexibility it provides. And, if you’re looking into something with a more full-size layout (and RGB backlighting) then something like the Logitech MX Keys might be what you’re looking for.

Tech Specs from Logitech

    • Height: 4.88 in (124 mm)
    • Width: 10.98 in (279 mm)
    • Depth: 0.63 in (16 mm)
    • Weight: 14.92 oz (423 g)
    • Bluetooth enabled device
    • Windows 10 or later
    • macOS® 10.15 or later
    • iOS 11 or later
    • iPadOS 13.1 or later
    • Android 7
    • Chrome OS™
    • Internet connection (for recommended software download)
    • Connection Type: Bluetooth Classic (3.0)
    • Wireless range: 32.81 ft (10 m)
    • Software support
      • Logitech Options for Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10 or later)
      • Logitech Options for Mac (OS X 10.8 or later)
    • Logitech Flow
    • Battery: 2 x AAA
    • Battery life: 24 months
    • Indicator Lights (LED): Battery LED, 3 Bluetooth channel LEDs
    • Special Keys: Hotkeys (Brightness up/down, Mission control, Launchpad (requires software download, Media keys and Eject), Easy-Switch™
    • Connect / Power: On/Off Switch
    • Keyboard
    • 2 AAA batteries (pre-installed)
    • User documentation

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