iPhone rumors: charge your AirPods from your iPhone

There are a lot of rumors around the iPhone Pro (iPhone 11, 2019 iPhone). Camera improvements, new AirPods, and wireless charging improvements are on the list, and while cameras are probably a safe bet, let’s go through the list of what could be announced.

When is the new iPhone coming?

We believe the event to announce them will be on Tuesday September 10th, 2019. It’s not absolutely certain until invites go out, but all the evidence points to this date because the setup screenshot has the 10th on the Calendar app. Historically, setting this date to the date of announcement is a thing Apple does.

What’s going to be new?

AirPods. AirPods continue to have wireless Qi charging, and are going to become even more water-resistant. Also welcome is the rumored noise-cancellation function they could gain, if the rumors are true.

iPhone. Rumored to be called the iPhone Pro, we might see Apple ditch version numbers for years (2019 iPhone Pro, 2020 iPhone Pro, and so on.) The iPhone is probably going to get a better camera.

The pictures circulating the Internet show three cameras on two models (similar to XS and XS Max), and two cameras on the upgrade to XR models. Touch ID is said to be making a comeback, using a fingerprint reader under the surface of the screen.

We aren’t sure at all about that claim: Apple has been running commercials saying FaceID is more secure than TouchID, so we’re skeptical they’d bring it back.

One of the most interesting rumors is that the AirPods in their Qi-enabled case could charge from an iPhone Pro wirelessly. In the past, the only widespread iOS device-charging-a-smaller-device was the iPad Pro charging the Apple Pencil. iPhone 2019 will not get 5G cellular modems. That happens in 2020 at the earliest.

iPad Pro. These are said to be more or less the same, refreshed for this year, with updated cameras. The entry-level iPad is said to get a screen size increase, which could use smaller bezels, eliminating the home button, to fit the bigger screen in the same physical size.

Apple Watch gets and update, and there’s word of it being available in ceramic and titanium in addition to aluminum and stainless steel. The ceramic model was a luxury model that started around Apple Watch series 2, but we’re hoping it becomes more widely available. Ceramic is cool.

There’s even a HomePod rumor, suggesting that the HomePod gets more affordable. HomePod currently runs the same processor as used in iPhone 6. It makes sense that it gets a CPU bump if only so that Apple doesn’t have to keep fabricating super-old processors. Parts sourcing is streamlined when it uses the same parts as in other currently sold devices.

And all this could be released as soon as September 10th. There’s also a MacBook Pro 16″ rumor, which we hope will use smaller bezels to fit the larger screen into the same 15″ form factor.

These rumors are coming from Bloomberg and with a few exceptions, they’re in line with what analyst Ming Chi-Kuo has been saying. We will continue to keep our bingo cards updated and let you know how these predictions bear out.

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