Relive your berry-flavored dreams with the Unihertz Titan

While I never carried a Blackberry myself, I know plenty of people who swore by those keyboards. And I can understand it, as for a brief time I did carry an Android device with a physical keyboard, and it was a much different typing experience. For those who long for those days, the just-launched-on-Kickstarter Unihertz Titan is going to be worth checking out.

While the keyboard of the Unihertz Titan is going to be the big initial draw, let’s see what else the phone has to offer. First up, how about a whole bundle of resistances? Those who like going uncased will be liking the IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof?ratings. Consider yourself a power-user? Well, then the 6000mAh battery should keep you going quite some time between charges, which is done via the oh-so-cool wireless Qi chip.

Speaking of chips, the Unihertz Titan has more than a few, and that’s going to bring a whole mess of tech specs, which include:

  • Octocore processor, 2 GHz
  • 128 GB storage
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Global LTE bands
  • Dual SIM card (or SIM card + Micro SD)
  • 8 MP front camera / 16 MP rear camera

All of that, along with the QWERTY keyboard. And it’s not just any keyboard. It’s backlit, as you’d expect. What you might not expect (at least, I wasn’t) was the fact that it also can be used as a touch surface, to swipe and scroll through like it was a touchpad. This is a neat trick, and should make navigation through things a lot simpler with the smaller screen (at least, as compared to current glass-and-plastic rectangles). And speaking of of touch, you can unlock with your fingerprint, or with facial recognition. AKA, ease of use.

In short, it’s offering a lot (in long form, see the full list below). All of this is packed into a phone that’s going to run Android 9.0. While the Super Early Bird special is gone (which had the phone coming in at $200), the next lowest tier is offering up this (apparent) QWERTY powerhouse for just $239 with delivery anticipated for December 2019. We’re in touch with the brand to see if we can’t get a review unit as well. In the meantime, check everything out at the campaign page.

Tech Specs from Unihertz

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