Mophie Vent Mount: Keep that iPhone steady

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If you’ve got a MagSafe-equipped iPhone, and want a quick and clean way to hold it in place in your car, well, mophie has a solution ready for you with two morphine vent mount options.

Mophie Vent Mount options

For this release, there are two versions of the Mophie Vent Mount being made available:

  • Magnetic vent mount ($39.95) – The magnetic vent mount (non-charging) holds iPhone securely and preserves access to the Lightning port. The magnetic vent mount rotates and tilts so you can get the perfect viewing angle, and the optional extension arm holds iPhone above or below the vent.

Check out the video version of this video here:

  • Wireless charging vent mount with MagSafe ($99.95) – The wireless charging vent mount is a must-have for daily commuters. The Made with MagSafe wireless charger provides a secure hold and perfect alignment for iPhone in your chosen line of vision without obstructing your view of the road or your vehicle’s control center. The optional offset extension arm also holds iPhone above or below the vent. Get up to 15W of wireless power, the fastest wireless charging speed possible, with the included USB-C 20W car charger. It’s easy to install, right out of the box, so you have everything you need to charge wirelessly.

Again, these are just for the MagSafe iPhones, so keep that in mind if you’re checking these out.

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