G-Shock and Polar team for awesome fitness metrics

G-Shock and Polar fitness metrics: In our book, the smart fitness watches from Polar (we’ve reviewed a number of them over at WWR, and have written about other models here) offer a great intersection between capability and affordability. In other words, if you want a watch to quantify your fitness, Polar can get you there. A lot of what we like has to do with their software, and how it interprets the metrics collected. Well, what if you could get all of that know-how, and wrap it up in the over-the-top ruggedness of a G-Shock?

Well, friends, that’s exactly what’s being offered. So, yeah, take that fitness-oriented G-Shock GBD200 (which we reviewed here) and let all of that data be crunched through Polar’s algorithms. Not to say what Casio was reporting out in the phone app wasn’t accurate, it just was not nearly as comprehensive as what Polar offers.

Realistically, this looks like the start of a new chapter for Polar, offering up what they’ve developed to start working with other fitness watch makers. It’s a breath of fresh air, since so many brands just want you locked up in their own walled garden. And you know what, even if no one else takes advantage of it, this G-Shock collaboration should get everyone excited. The G-Shock styling is iconic, and they have such a wide variety of looks, you’d be able to get the one that fits you. Polar watches can be austere, while the G-Shocks look like they’re ready for you to go cliff diving or trying your attempt at Michael Scott-level parkour.

Click to watch the video review version here:

G-Shock and Polar: Final Review

In short, about this G-Shock and Polar partnership? Count us in the fan category, for sure. While we’ve looked at the G-Shock before, we’ll see if we can’t get the new version in, and see how it is with the Polar smarts on the phone. G-Shock / Polar

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