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The start of the new year is about to roll up on the calendar, which means folks may be thinking about making some healthy changes, and get out and start doing some more working out. While I’m not a hard-core athlete, I like quantifying my efforts (as well as silent alarms to wake up in the morning) to fit that calorie burn into what I eat during the day. You might think that the Apple Watch or WearOS devices are all you can do, but that’s certainly not the case. An affordable option we just became aware of is from Kospet.

The first thing that you’re going to be concerned about with a smartwatch that’s not one of the “big two” is how you’re going to get that data onto your phone, right? Well, with Kospet, there is of course an app that you’ll use. In my experience with other brands, those apps can generally integrate into Apple Health, as well as other 3rd-party apps such as Strava and the like. So, you can usually get your data wherever you may want it (we’re working on a review unit, so we’ll be able to report back on that).

While Kospet has a number of different models, we’re focusing in on their Tank line. Styling aside, these are watches that are built to be a bit more durable, and that’s something we like for outdoor exercise and activities (such as this one that we reviewed before). Yes, it adds a little bit of bulk for the extra protections, but its worth it for the durability.

The other big concern with these sorts of watches is going to be battery life, especially if you’re heading off camping. With the classically round T2, you can get 8-12 days in heavy usage, while the slightly smaller (and square) M2 will give you 5-7 days of heavy usage. It’s worth noting that neither model has on-board GPS, so that helps the battery life out a good deal (but you’ll need your phone for the presumable A-GPS connection).

The Kospet Tank T2 retails for $129.99 and the M2 for $119.99, but they’re currently on sale for $99.99 and $89.99 – so not a bad deal to start quantifying your new years workouts. As we mentioned, we are working to get a review unit in, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Tech Specs from Kospet

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