Artilect Supermoon Hoodie: In Review

If you recall, last month we introduced you to the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie. Well, since we wrote about that, we’ve had one in for review, and have been layering it in with the weird up-and-down weather we’ve been experiencing here in Chicagoland. Read on to see if the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie is worth adding to your closet.

In that earlier article, we went into some of the interesting eco-friendly aspects of the hoodie, so we won’t dive into those here. Still, when we think of something containing recycled fibers, we might think that it would be coarse or rough. You can rest your concerns there – this is by far the softest fleece I have ever handled. It feels super comfortable at the wrists (the cuffs), and particularly around your face (with the close-fit hood).

Artilect Supermoon Hoodie

In terms of fit, the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie follows a trend that we’ve been noticing more from brands that are focused on layering, or layering systems. When we think of a hoodie, our minds tend to go to things that are a bit baggier and with less form, making for a comfortable layer to toss on over whatever around the house.

On the other hand, the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie is of the style that is much more structured, and it has a closer fit in that construction. Yes, there’s stretch to it, but if you’re trying to put this on over much more than a t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt, you’re going to feel a bit bound up. Instead, this is supposed to be more of that mid-layer that is underneath a waterproof shell, say. So, it wants to be a snugger fit so it can slide inside of another jacket without issue.

Or, if you’re wearing the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie on it’s own (which is mostly what I’ve been doing) then you’ve got a layer on that won’t get caught on branches and the like, but will still allow you freedom of movement. I do like that the chest pocket has the contrasting material there, as that’s going to be an area of the jacket you handle more (pulling your phone out and putting it away, for instance). On the back of the jacket, it’s nice for the stretch it gives, but it also provides an odd look, making it look like a shirt is sticking out and the hoodie itself has ridden up.

Then again, when I’m wearing the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie, it’s not like I can see the back, so I’m not going to be that worried about it. Oh, and another thing about this hoodie – it is super warm. You might think you have a thick, warm hoodie, but I’ve no doubt that the Artilect will be a big leap up there for you. So, if you’re looking for a great layer for camping this spring (or once fall rolls around), or even something for under your ski jacket, the Artilect Supermoon Hoodie is a solid option. You can pick one up for $180 at

Watch the video version of Artilect Supermoon Hoodie review, below:

Details from Artilect

  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Under the helmet hood
  • 2 zippered hand pockets & 1 zippered chest pocket
  • Primaloft Bio pocket lining
  • Lycra cuffs
  • Woven label & embroided logo
  • Primaloft BIO Fleece is bluesign approved

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