20% off Polar multi-sport watches to celebrate the Kona Triathalon

The Kona Triathalon was this weekend. Maybe you watched. Maybe you’re thinking about entering one day. Either way, Polar’s got two multi-sport watches and we’ve got 20% off for you through Tuesday October 15th, 2019.

The Polar Vantage M and Vantage V are 20% off using the code KONA. (Exclusions: Not valid on blue Vantage M, blue Vantage V or Vantage V Titan.)

Polar Vantage M is normally $279 USD, and is waterproof, GPS-enabled and featuring an always-on color touch screen display, the most accurate data across 130+ sport profiles and an ultra-long battery life with up to 30 hours of continuous training.

Polar Vantage V is $499 USD before discount, has everything that Polar Vantage M has, and adds Recovery Pro and Running Power from the wrist. Measuring running power from the wrist means no additional foot pods or sensors needed. It helps you to monitor the external load of your running.

Polar describes these features like this: “Power responds to changes in intensity faster than your heart rate, which is why Running Power is a great guiding metric in interval and hill sessions. You can also use it to maintain a steady effort level during your run, for example in a race.”

The calculation is done with Polar?s proprietary algorithm, and it is based on your GPS and barometer data.

Recovery Pro measures your daily recovery level with “an orthostatic test based on your heart rate and your heart rate variability, and it takes into account all stress factors of your life, including stress from training and stress caused by other aspects of life, such as poor sleep or work pressure.” It uses this to make longer term training recommendations

Check it out at Polar.com and use KONA for 20% off.

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