Catching 40 winks with DreamOn

Sleep tracking is an odd thing. It’s something I never really thought about, and then way back when I got my Fitbit (which I’m now over) I got interested in those numbers. I had grand plans, but it just basically was a way to quantify why I felt as tired as I did. While the DreamOn band will indeed track your sleep, it’s goal is to help you get to sleep more easily.

So, how does the DreamOn do that? Well, the more in-depth explanation can be found on their page, but the simple fact is that it emits a rhythm pulse that trains your brain that “Hey, it’s sleepy time, let’s shift into neutral”. To be sure, it’s not supposed to work right out the gate, but give it a week or two (and there is a money-back guarantee) and you should be falling asleep more quickly.

There is an associated app, and that’s beneficial for a few reasons. One is that you can get the details on your sleep session (much like a fitness wearable will give you). You can also adjust the pulse to your needs – spacing things out, or making it more (or less) intense. For myself, I left it at the baseline configuration. It wasn’t super buzzy, but there is an audible click (along with a pulsing orange ring around the button). I did find myself dozing off, but I generally don’t have a problem sleeping. My wife did notice the clicking noise, so that became a problem.

At that point, I shifted testing over to our oldest child, who often has trouble just shutting her mind off at night and going to sleep. While I wasn’t gathering the sleep data from it (once she’s asleep, she sleeps well) it did seem to help her get to sleep more quickly on the nights she used it. And on those ocassions where one 20-minute cycle didn’t work, a simple button press kicks it off again.

At $149 the DreamOn is not an impulse buy for sure. And it’s surprising that it doesn’t include a silent alarm to get up with in the morning (perhaps a future version can work on that, along with quieting it down). For me, it’s not something I could see spending money on, while my daughter does rather like it. So, if you’re struggling getting to sleep, the DreamOn may be the thing for you. Just make sure you read the details on the 30-day return guarantee.

Oh, also worth noting – they’re currently sold out of the DreamOn. You can place your name on their mailing list, and they’ll notify you once it’s back in stock, in 10-12 weeks.

Tech Specs from DreamOn

? Dimensions – 41mm x 33mm
? Weight – 2 ounces
? Battery Life – 7-14 Days
? Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0
? Motion Sensor – 3-Axis Accelerometer
? Body Material – ABS Plastic
? Strap Material – Neoprene

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