Samsung Flip comes back

Retro is a thing right now. History isn’t repeating, but it’s trying to rhyme. The Moto Razr returned to so-far disappointing reports. Maybe Samsung Flip can fare better? All these things come down to trying to use a fold-able screen in a flip phone form factor.

the 2020 Oscars Samsung commercial

The Flip first showed up in the 2020 Oscars, running in a commercial during the broadcast.

Now we’re beginning to see actual developer devices pop up on twitter.

There is an outward facing screen, showing date, time, and battery status. The old flip phones tended to display call or SMS notifications. Now, you’d probably need something more capable to display app notifications, which makes it more complex.

it does have a screen

These were the two uses for a flip phone: seeing notifications without having to unlock anything, and the satisfying hang up of a telephone call by slamming the phone shut.

Since no one actually phones anyone anymore, and there are no notifications on the outside of the phone, all we’re left with is a reduced phone height (same width, tho), and a more fragile screen at the hinge joint.

Still, cool in a retro way, I guess?

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