TEMPEST, the personal weather station is better than sticking your head out the window

You have a phone. You have a ridiculous number of weather apps. Why would you want a personalized weather station? For accuracy and personalized automation. TEMPEST, on Indiegogo, gets you this.

The problem with using a weather app is that it checks wherever the weather station is installed, which may or may not be local to you.

For me, for example, the weather station used to be out at the airport, 15 miles away. What’s happening 15 miles away isn’t the same as what’s happening at my house necessarily. Even now when there are more weather stations nearby, it’s still not the same as having convenient personal automations set up.

local weather

TEMPEST talks about things like “turn fan on for 15 minutes at sunrise”, or “close garage door if it gets windy”. And some of these, you can probably do from the tools you use to manage smart home stuff, like Apple’s Home, or IFTTT.

What’s interesting is that TEMPEST claims that they have more / better sensors than any other personal weather station, and that they warranty the hardware for 2 years, with an extended warranty for 10 years.

They sample wind every 3 seconds. It uses a haptic sensor to calculate the force of the rain drops. It detects cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning up to 25 miles away. Temperature, humidity, UV, pressure, wind chill, and more are included. And it’s solar powered, so you place it and forget about it.

The TEMPEST uses a Wi-Fi hub that sits in range of your home Wi-Fi and communicates with the TEMPEST. The goal is to answer the question, if you have better, more accurate local data, what can you do with it.

If you’d like one, the complete kit starts at $249 on indiegogo.com.

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