Withings watches your heart ticking as your watch does

Heart rate tracking is quite the trendy thing to pop into watches these days. Most commonly, these take the form of optical sensors embedded in the back of the watch, and can provide a directional – if not medically accurate – representation of what your heart is doing. But what if you want something more precise, and accepted by your doc? Until recently, the Apple Watch Series 4 was the one to get. Withings is looking to challenge that with the Withings Move ECG.

As you might surmise, the Withings Move ECG has the capability to record an electrocardiogram – on demand. Sure, it requires your smartphone app to be in the mix, but that?s a pretty impressive skill to pack into what otherwise looks like a simple analog watch. This is done via two sensors on the back of the watch, and then a third in the bezel. If the wearer is experiencing some distress, they just push the side button and then put a finger on either side of the bezel. After 30 seconds, the ECG results are ready, and the watch vibrates to let you know.

This data is then sent into the Health Mate app on your phone, and it can classify the heart rhythm as Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) or a normal sinus rhythm (it sounds nose-related, but it?s what you want). Once the data is captured and stored, it can then easily be shared with your doctor. So, obviously, there?s some very real capability built in here for folks with heart issues. And it?s not a toy – they?ve got European regulatory approval, and FDA approval in the US is underway as well. Along with this very technical medical measurement, you?ve got the almost expected set of capabilities as well:

  • Ability to track calories burned, pace, distance, workout routes, and for the first time in a Withings Watch ? elevation, as tracking floors climbed is helpful to those focused on heart health goals.
  • Step count progress is shown at the watch?s sub-dial. Users can see at a glance how far they are from their set daily step count goal based on 0 to 100 percent.
  • Automatic recognition of daily activities including walking, running, swimming and for the first time on a Withings watch, cycling and stairs climbed.
  • Sleep Tracking
    • Sophisticated sleep monitoring and analysis of sleep patterns, including the length, depth and quality of sleep.
    • Smart Wake-up that will wake users with vibration alarms at the most optimal times during their sleep cycle.
    • Provision of preparatory Sleep Score based on data such as sleep duration, depth regularity and interruptions.
    • Access to the Sleep Smarter Program, consisting of eight weeks of recommendations to improve sleep patterns.

All in all, there is a lot packed into this ?129.95/?129.95 wearable that is masquerading as a watch. And, interestingly enough, it manages to do this all with a 1-year battery life estimate as well. So, yes, color me intrigued for sure. FDA approval is anticipated to be later this year, and when that happens, we?ll be inquiring about a hands-on review loaner. For everyone over in the EU, well, you can pop on over to Amazon and order one for yourself right now. withings.com

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