Waterfield Designs has some different case designs ready for your iPhone 11

In the midst of the veritable firehose we had when the iPhone 11 was announced, the new releases from Waterfield escaped my attention. At least, for a few weeks. They bubbled back up, and they’ve got some options that will appeal to those who really don’t go for the standard form-fit cases.

First up, you’ve got the Ranger case, which presents a holster-style case along with a more rustic, or hand-made, look in the leather construction. I think many of us are used to carrying our phones in a pocket, but there are still folks who would rather have the phone on their belt. In that case, having something like this, where the phone is completely enclosed, would be an interesting option. With it, you’ll also gain the following:

  • Thick, naturally-tanned, black or chocolate full-grain leather ages beautifully, and scratch-free Ultrasuede? lining helps clean iPhone screen as phone is inserted and removed.
  • Self-finding, Neodymium rare-earth magnetic attachment system fastens securely.
  • Award-winning Fidlock fastener closes front flap, keeping iPhone protected.
  • Text and call notifications remain audible with iPhone inside; bottom cut-out to connect charging cord or earbuds.
  • Tapered sides ease iPhone removal; side openings grant access to volume and sleep buttons.
  • Front leather pocket holds earbuds or cash and a key.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, the Waterfield Ranger case is available for the various iPhone 11 sizes (and they have be in their own case or not) for $89.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a simpler sleeve to protect your device while it’s banging around in your pocket (or your bag), then the Waterfield Fused Suede case may be of interest to you. As you might expect, it’s made of (wait for it) layers of suede fused together, along with a stretchy pocket on the back to hold something else. A sleeve like this may seem odd for a gadget, but in my experience (when I had my Nook Color in a leather sleeve from Saddleback) it’s actually quite a nice route. If you pick up this case, you’ll get:

  • Four contrasting color combinations of fused double layer scratch-free Ultrasuede? ER ? an ultra-soft, lightweight, colorfast material that does not pile, stretch, or shrink, and helps clean iPhone screen with each use.
  • Text and call notifications remain audible with iPhone inside; bottom cut-out to connect charging cord or earbuds.
  • Stretch-mesh back pocket holds earbuds, Air Pods, cash, cards, or a key.
  • Six custom-fitted sizes snugly cradle iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max, either ?naked? or inside an Apple Case.

The Waterfield Fused Suede case is the most affordable of the options being released, at just $29 in four different colors – Ash with Camel interior, Camel with Ash interior, Navy with Light Blue interior, and Red with Ash interior.

Last, but not least, we’ve got the Waterfield Marqui Crossbody Pouch. This follows the same route that the Ranger case follows (get stuff out of your pockets), but goes with the cross-body strap rather than relying on clipping it onto your belt. For me, if I’m moving to a bag, I’d want a bit more space than this (say, like what Nutsac has), but perhaps that’s just me. The Waterfield Marqui Crossbody Pouch offers the following:

  • Premium, full-grain leather on rugged ballistic nylon creates uncluttered, timeless look.
  • Front, quick-access pocket secures iPhone 11 with smooth, water-resistant YKK zipper.
  • Gold, rip-stop liner lights up interior making contents easy to locate.
  • Hidden self-locking YKK zipper fastens main compartment.
  • Two interior and one exterior open-topped pocket add organization.
  • Angled adjustable strap keeps bag comfortably flat against chest, hip, or back.
  • Metal camlock with attractive leather pull-tab easily tightens/loosens strap.

The Waterfield Marqui Crossbody is available for $79 in a few different colors – black ballistic nylon with full-grain leather panel in black, blue, chocolate, grey, or red.?

So, it’s an interesting mix that Waterfield has on offer here, and I do like how you can use these cases with your device “bare” or with another case wrapped around the device, and then popped into these (the Fused Suede seems the best bet for that route). sfbags.com

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