Extra protection comes via the Invisible Shield Glass+ VisionGuard

Along with protective cases for your phone, you likely want to think about some sort of tempered glass protective layer for your screen. Gone are the days of plastic screens (that you could protect with a plastic film) – glass is where it?s at. And glass can, well, shatter. Why not have a layer of tempered glass on top that will crack before your expensive display does? This is precisely what Invisible Shield offers in their lineup, and I recently tested out their Glass+ Vision Guard.

Now, yes, you can certainly find any number of inexpensive offerings out there, and you may have success with them. For me, if I?m wanting to protect an expensive display assembly, perhaps cheaper isn?t better. I?ve had some that were recommended by Wirecutter, and they?ve actually worked quite well (cracks in the protector, not the display). Where Invisible Shield differentiates itself is in the various coatings.

With the Invisible Shield screen protectors, you can have things like viewing-angle protection, oleo-philic coatings (their oleophilic process spreads oil from fingerprints so thinly that light passes right through, making fingerprints virtually invisible when your screen is turned on) and even bacteria-killing prowess. For our test, I went hands-on with their Glass+ VisionGuard line, which cuts down on the blue light emitted from the display. I?ve got this coating on some of my reading glasses, and that can often change the hue of what you?re looking at, so I was curious how that worked here.

Well, I don?t know how Invisible Shield did it, but the Glass+ Vision Guard did not shift the colors at all. With my reading lenses with the coating, things take on a warmer, yellower tint. Here, I did not see any appreciable change in the colors coming off of the screen. If this works as advertised, it should also help with the issues studies are reporting with blue light interfering with our bodies being able to ?turn off? and go to sleep at night.

Installation bracket aligning things

Another major – and I mean major – differentiator for the Invisible Shield line is there installment method. With this, you?ve got a frame that drops down around your phone with cutouts at the top and bottom. Those align perfectly to the tabs on the protector, meaning the protector is perfectly aligned on the screen (a major concern when you?re putting one on freehand, since you can?t really re-stick it down). This applied on cleanly and straight, right where it needed to be. I did end up with one tiny little bubble I couldn?t clear out at the lower edge, but it?s not even noticeable. So their claim of a easy, hassle-free installation, I?ll say that that is confirmed.

Depending on the protection you want (and there are varying levels of finishes, such as oleo-philic and bacteria killing) you?re generally in the $30-$50 range, with one basic model (without the fancy coatings) running $15. The Glass + VisionGuard – for those models it?s in stock for – will run you $45 direct from zagg.com.

Details from Invisible Shield

  • Protect Your Eyes?and Your Phone
    • As we use devices more, our exposure to high-energy visible blue light (HEV) increases. HEV blue light has been shown to contribute to digital eye strain which can cause dry and irritated eyes, sleep disruption and loss, blurred vision, and premature eye aging, especially in children. InvisibleShield has developed a new screen protector with Eyesafe? technology that not only protects your phone from scratches and impacts, but also filters harmful blue light from your device screen.
  • Protective Eyesafe? Layer
    • The Eyesafe? technology in VisionGuard protects your eyes from blue light which can contribute to digital eye strain. By blocking harmful wavelengths of light before they leave your screen, VisionGuard is an easy choice for those who care about eye health.
  • Preserves the True Colors of Your Screen
    • Glass+ VisionGuard protects your eyes from harmful blue light while maintaining the superior color performance of your device display. Instead of removing blue entirely and distorting your screens color like some eye health solutions, VisionGuard has been expertly engineered to maintain the brilliant look of your screen.
  • Industry-Leading Impact Screen Protection
    • Glass+ VisionGuard is chemically strengthened at the molecular level to preserve that glass-like feel of your screen. Its proprietary Ion Matrix? technology provides the ultimate defense against drops, dings, and scratches.
  • Advanced Clarity
    • Glass+ VisionGuard is designed to work flawlessly with the enhanced optics of your device?s screen. Its 100% clarity rating means high-definition screen protection that?s so clear, you won?t even know it?s there.
  • Fast, Accurate, and Bubble-Free
    • We believe installation should be as simple and accurate as possible, so we are constantly refining our processes with innovations like our EZ Apply? technology and advanced adhesives.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight: 0.1000
  • Military Grade: Yes
  • Self Healing: No
  • Glass Like Surface: Yes
  • Shock Resistant: No
  • Clarity: 100%

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