iPhone rumor round-up

Short and sweet. Ming Chi Kuo has predicted a few things: the next iPhone will have the square camera lens arrangement. It will be available in 3 sizes similar to existing XS, XS Max, and XR iPhones.

Ken Miyauchi of Softbank joked today that the 2019 iPhone will appear on shelves Sept 20. This fits in line with dates iPhones have launched in years past.

Interestingly, Ming Chi Kuo also predicts that 2021 iPhones (because why not start early) are going to have both FaceID and TouchID. The TouchID implementation is said to be embedded in the display. Interestingly, that tech is owned by Qualcomm, and has been used in Android phones:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10+
  2. Huawei P30 Pro
  3. Vivo Apex 2019
  4. OnePlus 7 Pro/ OnePlus 7
  5. Xiaomi Mi 9
  6. Nokia 9 Pureview
  7. Vivo V15 Pro
  8. OPPO K1

Qualcomm and Apple just wrapped up a long series of lawsuits around license fees and settled with an agreement to license technology for a six year term, with an option to extend for two years. While the obvious intent is for Apple to use Qualcomm cellular modems until Apple’s newly-purchased-modem-unit from Intel is up and running, this under-screen fingerprint sensor could be licensed under the agreement.

From where I sit, I’m a little skeptical. Apple has been running advertisements about how much more secure FaceID is than TouchID. It seems strange that they would bring TouchID back, and include it as a redundant feature on an iPhone with FaceID.

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