The Kolude Keyhub wants to manage your connections

While many folks may be perfectly happy to type away on the keyboards built into their laptops (and they do work for on-the-go, of course) when you’re at a dedicated workstation, something external certainly helps getting that layout you want just right. The just-launched Kolude Keyhub looks to bring a lot of connectivity to your desktop.

Now, the Kolude Keyhub is not the first time a keyboard has had a variety of ports added onto it. In fact, I’m typing this right now on one with USB ports on it. Well, this one has four of them – three that are USB 3.0 plus another 2.0 port. That’s along with an HDMI output, two types of memory card readers, and USB-C passthrough charge capability (up to 100w). So, why would you want all of this?

Invariably, in a work environment, you’re going to end up wanting some sort of a hub. USB-C makes that much simpler (my older Macbook Pro is requiring 4-5 cables plugged in at the desk), and this design means you could, in many ways, use that keyboard as the docking hub. What I find interesting is that in their video, they don’t really show it being used that way. The first two shots are of walking to a cafe, and then using it on a bed – both places it would be much simpler to just use your built-in keyboard.

Coming in at earlybird pricing of $99 no one will say that the aluminum-encased (and backlit) Kolude Keyhub is a cheap keyboard. If build quality is there, this is something that could certainly give the stock keyboards from Apple a run for their money (in looks) while dramatically ratcheting up the functionality game. And hey, if you’ve got an iPad Pro, this is ready to take advantage of those latest OS updates (and it’ll work with your Windows and Android devices as well). The campaign for this keyboard runs through March 5, 2020, and sits at 84% funding as of this writing. campaign page

Tech Specs from Kolude

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