Tesmo wants to give your laptop a little lift

Seems like ergonomics were all the rage. We had wrist wrists, mouse pads with gel built in, and all manner of things. For our keyboards, along with the split design, we’ve long had the ability to flip out little legs to adjust the typing angle. If you’re relying on the keyboard built into your latop, though, you were stuck. At least, until the Tesmo was thought up.

On the surface of things, the Tesmo is a very simply concept – a pair of legs that you stick onto the bottom of your laptop. These can be folded out, and voila! Your laptop keyboard is now at an angle. Along with increasing ergonomic comfort, this should also help with airflow along the bottom of the machine, where all the hot components are.

With something like the Tesmo, you’ll have a few concerns. First off, how much bulk is it adding to the laptop? Well, they only weigh 0.6oz (17g) and look to fold down fairly thin – so you won’t feel them in your bag. Second, is how much weight can they handle? Not just the laptop itself, but the pressure you put on things as you type. Apparently they’ve tested that, and have rated them to be able to handle up to 17.6 lbs – so way more than your laptop itself weighs.

The Tesmo kickstands are have a special adhesive that allows them to be removed without leaving residue, and then reattached without any loss of stickiness. Or, you know, moving it from your laptop to your phone, or moving it up on the laptop to get a higher angle. If this sounds interesting (and it does to me) they’re up on Kickstarter right now, with earlybird pricing at only $15.

While I don’t type directly on the laptop keyboard a lot (except in meetings), I’m interested to see how it works for getting the display up higher when I’m at my desk. We’ve got a pair on the way in, so we can give you our thoughts soon. In the meantime, the Kickstarter campaign is live, ending on October 10th, sitting at 100% funded as of the time of writing. campaign page

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