The Microblade Pill looks to be a versatile addition to your EDC

We here at Knapsack are committed to talking to about all of the cool technology and gadgets that we?d want to put in our own knapsacks. There are occasional off-topic diversions, but this is not one of those posts. In fact, I?d putting down that tools are just a form of technology that we often don?t think of as tech. Let?s see if the Microblade Pill can?t change your mind on that.

Depending on how you look at it, the Microblade Pill wants to either be a complement to a pocket knife, or a replacement. If I think about how I most commonly use the folder that I carry, nine times out of ten, it?s to open up a box (camping trips are a different matter). To that end, the Microblade Pill is the clear winner – it will open up a box without issue, is a good bit smaller (about the size of a small keychain pill fob), and is safe for your fingers. You see, while there is a blade, per se, it?s to provide a focused edge for the force you apply. It?s not actually sharp in the sense of a knife blade, while still allowing you to cut tape, paper, thread, and the sort.

The name of the Microblade Pill makes sense, because, when the spring-loaded cap (the spring is there to hold the cap on, but allow for quick and easy removal) is in place, it looks like a metal caplet. Not only that, the angled blade of the tool is also able to help you cut a pill or vitamin along it?s score line. Speaking of springs, there?s another spring involved as well, in the quick-release carabiner / key ring that comes with the Microblade Pill. This allows you to get it onto your keychain (and off) quickly, as well as providing another bit of something to grip onto as you use it.

For the Microblade Pill, the main body and cutting edge are made of stainless steel, and then you?ve got your choice of stainless steel, copper, or bronze for the cap. While the full steel version looks classic, there?s something about that copper cap that is calling to me. At this time, the project is about 20x funded, and wraps up on August 15th. Earlybird pricing starts at just $25, which isn?t bad for a device like this. Think of it as something that packs 90% of the utility of a pocket knife (at least how I normally use it) while still being considered safe for those areas where carrying a knife is frowned upon, if not outright illegal. And hey, if your keyring is overloaded, that quick-load carabiner should hook nicely onto a belt loop or your knapsack. project page

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