In Review: Lunar Artefacts Pointer Instrument

I’ll admit I was amused when I heard about Lunar Artefact’s Pointer Instrument. A $230 mouse clad in French leather and featuring Bluetooth and a built-in dongle made me wonder just who this was for. I think I know: those who want something special when it comes to pointing devices and who aren’t caught up in technology.

Honestly, I’m not even mad. This is a perfect mouse for a lawyer or marketing professional on the go. It catches the eye, it’s perfomant, and it works with multiple devices including laptops and tablets. The mouse charges off of USB-C and has two main buttons and a clickwheel. The company claims the that mouse is made with “equestrian-inspired stitching and an uncoated solid aluminium base.” And both of those things look great and work fine.

Again, if you’re a power user then you don’t want this mouse. It isn’t designed for gaming or programming and we all know the leather is going to get funky in a year or so of heavy duty use. But if you’re a lean and mean bizdev agent who spends more time in airport lounges than your apartment, then this is the mouse for you. It comes in multiple styles and colors – why not try the black model with “uncoated solid brass base?” – and you can even get a matching mousepad.

In short, I ain’t even mad. This is a fun product for a specific type of road warrior and if you identify as someone with class, taste, and no need for side buttons or even a DPI control switch, then you’re in luck. It ain’t a Logitech MX Master but dammit I like it.

John Biggs

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