Funding Soon: The MobiScribe Origin

Just a touch under a year ago, we brought you a hands-on review of an e-ink-based notetaking device that went by the name of the MobiScribe (you can read that here). Well, version 2.0 is now funding over on IndieGogo, and it goes by the name of the MobiScribe Origin.

In that original review, I found a lot to like with the Mobiscribe, though it did have a few drawbacks. Fortunately, it seems the MobiScribe Origin deals with several of those. First and foremost? They’ve upgraded the operating system to use Android 8.1 (the original used 4.4) which – along with the included app store – will make it much simpler to install the applications that you are looking for (I was trying to use Evernote).

Secondly, the MobiScribe Origin offers up easy-syncing up to the cloud. Well, that’s what the project page touts – it’s not clear whether or not that’s to their own service, or to the cloud storage of your own choice.

Third, with the new hardware in the MobiScribe Origin, they’ve got some neat tricks built in. One the more interesting ones that I think people will like is the writing-to-text functionality. Some folks may not like their own handwriting, and for those, you can actually have it converted to text for a cleaned-up presentation. Another fun trick happens when you’ve got multiple MobiScribe Origins on-hand, you can do a collaborative (and remote) whiteboard. Fun trick in these distanced times.

We’ll look into getting one in for a review, but for now, you can head over to the project page to check things out and even back your own MobiScribe Origin. If that’s what you’re going for, earlybird spots are available now at $199.

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