Technology? In MY socks?

Well, yes. The future is here. All sorts of clothing items are labelled as technical, so why not socks? What’s an article of technical clothing? Well, it can certainly apply to outdoors sports, but you’ve most commonly interacted with it when it comes to the stuff you wear at the gym. Well, why not have have some of that know-how applied to the socks you wear all day, every day? That’s what Burlix is saying, anyways.

So, what does that mean for you (and your feet)? Well, it means you get all of the great stuff you want for the gym – moisture wicking, breathability, and cushioning. For some of their line, it also means that you can get into things like compression support and temperature regulation. There’s a lot going on here, and there’s a full rundown of their varieties:

  • Dressy: Comprised of a Nylon/Spandex blend with BURLIX?s signature cooling yarn, it features ?Stay Up? technology that keeps the socks in a comfortable position throughout any formal occasion. The Dressy style is best for the office, celebrations or date night.
  • Sitting: The crew design offers lower leg compression to enhance blood flow for improved circulation. This style is best for air travel, desk time, driving or any other situation that requires sitting for long periods of time.
  • Standing: Reinforced toes and graduated compression technology enhances circulation for increased energy. This style will benefit anyone who spends hours on his feet.
  • Moving: This segment features regular and boot sock styles. The regular Moving styles contain energy technology that uses body heat to boost stamina and breathable mesh with cooling yarn for additional airflow. The boot socks have a temperature control feature that keeps feet at an ideal temperature. This style is best for exploring, being active and walking.
  • Leisure: Cooling technology allows air to circulate for breathability. This style is best for keeping your feet comfortable and dry during on-the-go fun with friends and family.
  • Relaxing: Utilizing recycled yarns to support a clean environment, extra cushioning is provided for maximum comfort. This style is best for lazy days or everyday activity.

So, yes, there’s a lot going on here. And, just like with gym wear, you can pick out socks that are built for a specific activity (sitting is an activity, right?) They’ve also got some rather clever-looking designs in the material as well, so these aren’t screaming out that they’re, say, preventing you from getting blood clots in your legs as you travel around.

I like socks, and I like seeing this technical approach applied to the world of footwear. We’ve had it for shoes, so why not the layer between your foot and the shoe? As to whether or not this is just marketing hype, we’ll be able to tell you soon, as we’ve got some samples on the way.

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