Arcade A2 Out of Range belt: In Review

Since I first went hands on with the Arcade Lookout (which you can see here), I’ve been a fan of what Arcade is making. I’ve always been a sturdy, as close to buy-it-for-life, leather belt kind of a guy. Thing is, those belts don’t stretch and move with you, which can cause discomfort if you’re actually being active. Enter the comfortably stretchy belts like the Arcade A2 Out of Range.

Arcade A2 Out of Range belt

Quite realistically, as the weather is warming up, you’ve undoubtedly got some shorts that have some bit of stretch built into them as well. With a regular belt, well, you don’t have that freedom of movement. Add in a belt with some stretch, well, then you’re in a different story.

Arcade A2 Out of Range belt: Name

Now, why the A2 part of the name? If you recall an earlier article, they had come out with a new buckle design – the A2. This promised to be more compact and a better fit to your body. In the galleries just above and below, I’ve got some shots of the buckle against the one the Lookout used, and you can see that is definitely shrunk down.


This leads to less bulk around your waist, and especially right at the button of your pants or shorts. This definitely makes it more comfortable, and in the case of the belt, leads to a narrower belt. Perhaps due to my leather belt history, I’ve always liked a wider belt, like the Lookout. So, when the A2 came in, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, in terms of the looks.

Arcade A2 Out of Range belt


Suffice to say, after spending time with it, I was sold. The narrower belt and buckle slide through loops much more simply, and the narrower band did not look out of place even in belt loops that could obviously handle a wider belt. It also made the clasp on the buckle simpler to use, as you could more quickly get a grip on the push buttons to release the clasp.

Arcade A2 Out of Range belt


So, in our book, the Arcade A2 Out of Range is a very solid improvement on the prior Arcade designs. While we reviewed the very outdoorsy version, there are a number of different prints and color schemes you could opt for. If you’re looking for a great belt for summer adventure, it would be hard to not recommend something from Arcade. You can get yours for $34.95 directly from

Arcade A2 Out of Range belt

Features from Arcade

  • Contoured Buckle – New low-profile and molded to follow the curve of your form for maximum comfort
  • Easy On & Off – New tapered buckle design feeds through belt loops with tail end first
  • Performance Stretch – Freedom of motion to move with your body, providing a secure hold with no pinching
  • Custom Fit – More precise than holes, micro-adjustable buckle dials in your exact fit
  • Recycled Materials – Webbing is made with 85% post-consumer recycled REPREVE®️ polyester
  • Long-lasting Materials – Our buckle is molded with high density plastic that is durable, yet lightweight, designed to endure the toughest outdoor adventures
  • Machine Wash and Dryable – Throw ’em in the laundry with your pants 
  • Travel Friendly – Metal-free buckle makes airport security a breeze

Be sure to watch the video version of this post here!

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