Funding soon: ADAR Vegan Sneakers

When we think of leather substitutes for shoes, it has generally taken the form of some sort of petroleum-derived material. What if you could not only get a vegan option, but also find one that has a lighter impact on the environment? That’s what the ADAR Vegan Sneakers are promising.

The key to the ADAR Vegan Sneakers is the apple leather they’re using for the uppers. What is apple leather? In northern Italy, they grow a large quantity of apples for juice and jams. When that processing is done, there’s a lot of solids left over. Those get dried and ground up into a fine powder. That powder is then blended with polyurethane (in a 50/50 mix, from what I could find) to make the resulting material. So, not quite like having apple peels on your feet, but an intriguing use of what would have otherwise been waste.

Along with being a vegan material, the apple leather is also supposed to be waterproof (thanks to the polyurethane), breathable, and crease-free. what about the rest of the shoe? You’ve got bamboo fabric for the inner lining, recycled latex for the insole, recycled rubber for the chonky outsole, and recycled polyester for the laces. In short, there’s a whole lot getting reused to make these shoes.

The Kickstarter campaign will be going live on July 5th. If you want to get notified, you can of course mark that on the KS Campaign Page, or head on over to their site to get on their mailing list. Retail pricing is expected to be $350, but of course earlybird pricing should knock that down a bit.

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