More iPhone 11 cases? Yes, more iPhone 11 cases!

Ha! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the digital waters… I kid, of course, but there are just a ton of new cases and accessories coming out to support this one gadget (aka, the iPhone 11). As we come across the cooler and interesting ones, we’ll be bringing them to your attention. Today, we want to cover off on what CaseMate and Smartish have on tap.

First up, let’s talk about the Casemate cases. If you’re looking for something that is eye-popping and colorful, then Casemate are the ones that you want to check out. I mean, just check out the gallery down below. Those are just the regular iPhone 11s in that gallery, but they’ve got the same options for you for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max as well.

All of the Casemate cases offer a 10-foot drop protection, one-piece designs, and all are compatible with wireless charging. Depending on the version, you may have some metallic-look buttons, flexible sides (or grooves) for grip, and some even have falling bits in the back to give you a bit of a kinetic show. All of these are available from for $39.99.

It’s also worth noting that Casemate has some other accessories, such as the AirPods case (shown above in the Kodak trim) for $19.99 and things like magnetic plates for your car ($19.99), stick-on-straps ($9.99 in black or pink glitter), balloon dog “stands” that suction on ($9.99) and stick-on wallet pockets ($9.99). In short, if you want an explosive pop of color on your phone, Casemate is where it’s at.

On the other hand, if you want color, but you want something that’s, well, somewhat more subdued than the Casemate options, then Smartish has those options for you. Aside from the color, you just need to ask yourself one question – are you concerned about grip, or are you wanting to replace your wallet?

If grip is what you’re concerned about, then the Gripzilla ($19.99) or the Kung-Fu Grip ($11.99) is where you want to head. The Kung-Fu grip cases give you a sleeker overall look and feel, while the Gripzilla definitely has a more aggressive look to it, with the protruding corners for extra cushion in the case of a fall.

If you’re looking to replace your wallet, then you’ve got the Wallet Slayer v1 ($14.99), Wallet Slayer v2 ($24.99), and Dancing Queen ($29.99) ought to be on your radar. The two Wallet Slayers both will fit 3 cards and some cash, you just have to decide if you want more of a rigid approach (the v1) or something that’s a more flexible textile (the v2) Also a cool hidden trick, with a card, you can kickstand the v2. For the Dancing Queen, this one is looking to be a replacement for your cross-body bag. Along with being able to handle up to 5 cards, you’ve got a shoulder/crossbody strap that will allow you to carry your phone – now that it’s doubling as a wallet – just like a purse.

So, there you have it friends – the wide variety of phone cases out there for your iPhone 11 keeps getting wider and wider. The options from Casemate (Amazon page) will have you sparkling and shimmering, while those from Smartish offer a few takes on what you might want to do, either hold on tight or replace your wallet. And both brands offer some rather affordable options as well, so you can save some coin after splurging on that new phone.

Casemate iPhone 11 varieties

Smartish iPhone 11 cases

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