Now Funding: the Zephyr Gaming Mouse

We’ve focused on reviewing some keyboards (primarily of the mechanical variety) but seem to have given their close compatriot – the mouse – short shrift. Well, one of the flashier ones we’ve seen hit as of late is the Zephyr Gaming Mouse.

And literally, I mean flashy. RGB is all the rage in computer building these days (even your RAM can light up!), so why not your mouse? A keyboard I get, there’s utility there to see what you’re typing. A mouse – once it’s in your hand, you won’t lose it. So it’s definitely there for show.

Not that I’m bashing it – I think a light show like what the Zephyr Gaming Mouse can offer can be quite entertaining. But that’s not all the lights do. Actually there are lights on the side (by the thumb button) that tell you which of the five preset DPI modes (800 – 16,000 DPI) you’re on. So, lighting and adjustable DPI modes, that’s sounding like something aimed at gamers.

But what if your hands get sweaty in some clutch matches? The Zephyr Gaming Mouse has you covered there. First off, you’ve got the sort of skeletonized shell (which can be removed for cleaning) that allows airflow under your hand. That’s not enough? Well, how about a small fan you can turn on (from 4,000 to 10,000 RPM)? That aught to cool those twitchy fingers down, no? Then again, perhaps that small of a fan (with it’s own RGB lighting pattern) might be a bit noisy.

Hard to tell that from a spec sheet and photos, but we are working on getting in a review sample of the Zephyr Gaming Mouse, so we should be able to tell you more. In the meantime, you can check out all the details (and back it if you want) at the campaign page. Things wrap up August 26, 2020; the $79 earlybird pricing seems to have caught many an eye, as they’re at 200% of their funding level. And again, keep an eye here, as we’ll work to get that review in and done prior to things closing out, if we can. campaign page

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