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Lately, it seems that you have no end of choice when it comes to battery packs to keep your stuff juiced up while on the go, or in the midst of an emergency. While choice is great, it can be a bit tricky to sort through it all and find one that meets your needs, and fits the look you go for in your gadgets. A rather unique one just hit Kickstarter, in the form of the Storm 2 Power Bank.

As you can tell from the photos, the Storm 2 Power Bank features a translucent outer shell. On one hand, it’s a bit of a gimmick, right? Sure, it can be interesting to see components, but it’s all solid state, so you’re just looking at something, well, a bit boring. At least, until you get to the screen on the device. This screen, it reminds me of the displays you’d see on Star Trek:TNG so it scratches that suitably geeky itch. And hey, the case protects the screen, so there’s that.

There’s more to the Storm 2 Power Bank than a pretty shell. It’s actually packing a 27,600 mAh battery, so it can charge up a lot of stuff. You’ve got two USB-C PD ports (run that laptop!) as well as a USB-A port. But wait, there’s more ! There’s also a port to allow you to run something else that takes DC power (say, a powered cooler or your soldering iron), so that’s some added flexibility. Also worth noting? It’ll do power pass through, so you can use the Storm 2 Power Bank while it’s charging.

As mentioned at the outset, the Storm 2 Power Bank just hit Kickstarter. Earlybird pricing starts in at $100 with delivery anticipated for April 2021. They’ve already smashed through their funding goal, with the campaign running until March 25, 2021. Check out all the details, or back your own, directly at the campaign page

Tech Specs from Storm 2

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