Reli Birddy Smart Bird House: watch your feathered friends

Reli Birddy

Back in 2020, we wrote about the first smart birdhouse we ran across (you can see that here). Sure, you could hack together your own solution if you wanted to, but something about these all-in-one options makes it nice and simple. The latest version that we’ve run across is the Reli Birddy.

Reli Birddy: what it is

As you can see from that video (and the photos), the Reli Birddy is a small birdhouse, albeit one with a bit of an odd shape. You’ll also notice a solar panel on top. This is what powers the camera that is built into the enclosure. Think of it as a small, very specific security system that’s in place. You can get notifications on your phone when a bird arrives, and you can keep an eye on the birds and any new hatchlings.

  • Reli Birddy
  • Reli Birddy

Why we like it

If you want an easy way to keep track of birds that live in your yard, this looks to be a solid turnkey operation. Sure, you could hack together your own solution. You’ll also need to work out all of the ventilation things to ensure that both your camera and the feathered occupants are at the right temperature. No, at $269, this is not an inexpensive bird house. It’s going to be a lot more interesting look at what’s going on than a feeder suctioned onto your window. It also beats trying to climb on ladders to see into nests that might be built around your property. Here, you can check in at any time, and do so without disturbing the birds that call it home. We first ran across the Reli Birddy on Indiegogo (project page), where you can get it at a bit more of a discount, for $209. Once that closes out, though, you can also get them directly at

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