Now Funding: Monument 2 Photo Storage

There’s no arguing that the ubiquity of digital cameras – and now rather quite-good cameras on our phones – that we are quickly getting overrun by our digital photos. If you stay on top of organizing things (say, after a trip or event) you’re good. But if you just click away and take a look every now and again, it’ll be hard to find what you want. That’s what the Monument 2 is looking to solve.

At first, the Monument 2 seems like just another network-attached piece of storage. And sure, it is (and you can either get it with a built in SSD, or provide your own for whatever you want for storage space). The secret sauce comes in, though, when you realize that it can automatically sync over the photos from your phone, tablet, computer, and even your camera (well, you’ll plug in the memory card).

Once the photos are there, there’s a lot of organization that happens, as well as fun things like duplicate detection and facial recognition. You can see that full list up above, and if it works as well as advertised, that’s some very clever stuff. Additionally, the device will show up just like a network drive on your computer, giving you easy access to the photos – as well as giving you another spot to store copies of whatever files you want to make backups of.

The campaign is running now, though it ends on December 19th at 4am CST. Earlybird pricing starts at $169 (providing your own storage media); pricing goes up to $299 if you want a 1 TB drive included. Check out all the details over at the campaign page.

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