It’s simple – we make a compact pen out of titanium

When it comes to what you carry with you every day, there are some basics that we?d all agree on – phone and wallet, primarily. Past that, well, opinions diverge. I?ve got a watch with me daily, as well as a pocket knife and handkerchief. Oh, yes, and a pen, because you never know when you might need a quick scribble or two. Currently, I?ve got a Fisher Space Pen (my second, as I lost the first), but there?s this new project, aptly called the Ti Mini Pen, that rather caught my eye.

Many times, when it comes to items and gear that fall into the Everyday Carry (aka EDC) category, there?s a lot of digital ink spilled creating the marketing pitch. The Ti Mini Pen keeps things simple. It?s small, it?s made of titanium (light, strong, and anti-microbial) and can fit a variety of refills.

Easy refill changes

That last part – taking a variety of refills – is a big key here. While some folks don?t care what ink they?re writing with, those who are in to pens have strong, strong preferences. Me, I like them, but my preference is more settled by what dries the quickest, being a left-hander. So, the fact that this can take a Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel ink refill (or any that are a D1 size; full listing is on the project page) is key.

Another feature I really like on the Ti Mini Pen is the loop-and-bead hanging off of the end. One, this means you can have the pen tucked into a pocket with the bead hanging out, giving you quick access to the pen. Or, if you prefer, it could hung off of any number of clips or straps, again keeping the pen where you need it (so, no more lost pens).


With the titanium body and what looks to be a fairly simple twist deployment, the Ti Mini Pen looks like it?ll be a great pen to carry with you and have it last for a long, long time. The extreme volume of refill compatibility also helps to ensure the pen will be workable for a good long time as well. If you want to get in on this pen (available in three finishes – machined raw, stonewashed, or DLC black) the campaign runs until February 19, 2020, with earlybird pricing starting at $30 (which included 5 refills). As of this writing, the project is over 44x it?s funding goal, so it seems like this is one that will make it to backers? hands. As always, caveat emptor. project page

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