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Yesterday, we told you about a new campaign for a Game Master screen. Well, whatever side of the screen you’re on, you need a good set of dice. Sure, your trusty ones that you’ve had for years are great, but a new set of dice is a fun way to liven up the game, or even commemorate rolling up a new character. I’m a sucker for things that light up or glow, so these Dicecovery Fractured Universe dice caught my eye in a hurry.

There’s a lot of interesting backstory on the campaign page, but I’ll let you read that there. The first thing is that you’ve got crystal dice here, in three shades: green, red, or blue. The very first set of dice I had (back when I was learning the pre-ADnD system) was a clear crystal set that you had to use a crayon to color in the numerals, courtesy of my cousin. So, obviously, these call out to me (and yeah, I backed them already, and will be opting for the inked version. Crayons are fun, but I like it a little more permanent these days).

The other thing the Dicecovery Fractured Universe dice have going for them is that they have a luminous bit woven in among the black smoke captured inside of each die. Do we play TTRPGs in the dark? Well, no, we don’t (or at least I don’t) but if something has the option to glow, why not? These, I can see leaving out on my work-from-home desk setup and when I shut down at the end of the day, the glow will be there for me, giving an interesting look to things.

Custom (aka non mass-produced) dice can be pricey, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Dicecovery Fractured Universe dice come in at under $40 for the seven dice set. The campaign – not surprisingly – is over-funded with things wrapping up on August 4, 2022. I’ve never heard of this crew before, but as it’s their fifth or sixth campaign, we hopefully have a better chance of seeing these hit their March 2023 delivery date. Check it all out at Space Delrium or the campaign page.

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