Check out this wild Mini-Disc deck

I don’t usually post YouTube videos here but this was something special. The site, device, called the Courtroom Mini-Disc recorder, is basically a dual mini-disc recorder with a lot of high end features.

The most interesting thing on this deck is a locking on/off switch. Further, you have a dual mini-disc recording system that will relay from disc to disc when one disc gets full. Further, you have mic ins, line outs, and loads of playback features that no normal person would need but might be amazingly important in a courtroom setting.

One interesting feature? You can’t record over audio because you never want to lose any data in a courtroom setting. Basically you can only append audio to the end of each disc. Sadly, this thing is about as useless as __insert hackneyed phrase here__.

Take a look. It’s worth it.

John Biggs

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